The Latest in Water & Air Quality Developments

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June 23, 2008

Canada's Water Problems: The National Water Picture
compiled by: Rick Cash, Celia Donnelly and Amanda Valpy
Richard Palmer - The Globe and Mail

The information provides a snapshot of the state of water across Canada. Not all Provinces measure their water woes in the same way. The problems run from large treated municipal systems to untreated private systems in small communities...
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Drugs in Water Supply: Ottawa Launches disposal study
Mark Kennedy - Calgary Herald, Ottawa

Health Canada is worried that many of the drugs we take - ranging from birth control pills to antibiotics end up in the drinking water supply and could pose a risk to others.
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Flu?, What about the air?
January 12, 2007
Air pollution is a more immediate public health emergency and it's already here, killing people
By Ryan Mcgreal
The Hamilton Spectator
(Jul 3, 2006)

Imagine it's January 2007, and our fears of a flu pandemic have been realized.
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Bottled Water Study
January 5, 2007
Risk of chemicals leaching into bottled water: study
By Sheila M. Dabu
The Canadian Press
OTTAWA (Dec 22, 2006)

Potentially dangerous chemicals leach into bottled water the longer it is stored in plastic containers.
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