Sodie Pop, Yum.

Over 10 million households worldwide have switched to fresh, fizzy soda(pop) and seltzer at the touch of a button. Sales are rapidly growing in North America thanks to wonderful reviews. Here's why you should own a home soda maker:

  • Best tasting soda on the planet. Fresh tastes better. You control the flavor and fizz of over 25 soda flavors plus enjoy fresh seltzer made as fizzy as your tastebuds desire.
  • Faster & easier than coffee. Enjoy fresh soda and seltzer water in less than 60 seconds. No batteries. No electricity. No cleanup!
  • Flavor variety. Over 25 regular, diet and caffeine-free flavors including classic cola, lemon lime, orange and root beer as well as fruit combinations such as orange-mango and cranberry-raspberry.
  • No more heavy lifting! Concentrated sodamix makes the same as 36 cans of soda! Large CO2 carbonators are easily exchangeable and make the equivalent of 110 liters of soda. Great for your back and the environment!
  • Healthier alternative. All diet sodamix flavors are sweetened with Splenda® brand sweetener and without aspartame. Even our regular flavors have about 2/3 less sugar and calories — and less sodium — than storebought.
  • Smart value. Enjoy seltzer for as low as 19 cents per liter and soda for 47 cents per liter. Avoid wasted, flat soda thanks to reusable carbonating bottles with hermetically sealed caps. Plus, no more can/bottle deposit fees.
  • Quality. Our home soda makers come with a 3-year warranty.
soda club

Soda-Club Home Soda Makers
Our Fountain Jet and Edition 1 home soda makers are sleek and simple to use ... and look great on your kitchen counter. Make soda or seltzer at the push of a button.

Alco2Jet® Carbonator
Made from modern, lightweight aluminum to the highest US safety standards, the Alco2Jet transforms water into refreshing seltzer. Enjoy a glass of seltzer ... or add your favorite SodaMix syrup to make one of over 25 delicious flavors. Each Alco2Jet 110 Carbonator makes about 110 one-liter bottles.

All soda maker starter packages include a machine and at least one carbonator filled with CO2 gas. Once empty, carbonators are easily exchanged for full ones at an at our store.

Reusable 1-liter Carbonating Bottles
Made by a special process that withstands carbonation, these clear plastic (PET) reusable bottles will last several years. With Soda-Club you'll be helping the environment by saving on waste or recycling aluminum cans and plastic bottles.

Each bottle also comes with Soda-Club's special cap with a hermetic seal that keeps your soda carbonated long after you first open it. No more throwing away flat soda!