Altwell FOMYS Shower System for Condominiums and Apartments

Altwell FOMYS Soft Water Shower System
Designed for Condominiums and Apartments

FOMYS stands for “For My Skin”, and literally this system is an innovative product to nourish and refresh your skin each time you shower. Enjoying a nourishing and refreshing shower with soft water is now possible in condominiums and apartments! The Altwell FOMYS system is a compact system specially designed to be installed at the point-of-use in shower or tub. The installation is quick and easy, similar to installing a new showerhead; and does not require any plumbing for installation.


Carbon Block Prefilter w/ Zeolite Pie Ceramic
Treats chlorine, turbidity, and odours with carbon block prefilter w/ zeolite pie ceramic

Distinctive pretreatment filltering
FOMYS pretreatment filter removes rust and other impurities.
It contains pi ceramic which is good for your skin.

Natural Vitamin C and Chitosan Shower Head Cartridge
Revitalizes skin damaged by sunshine and moisturizes it. Chitosan has antiseptic and moisturizing effects and also helps your body to regenerate and restore cells.

Awaken your senses with aroma moisturizers.
Infuses water with a comforting and relaxing scent, or with mint aroma and eucalyptus oil for a super refreshing shower.
Economical options for soft water production.
Two independent ion exchange resin filters which can be used one after another and enhances the capacity of the system.
Refill Ion change resin fillter
You can always enjoy the best quality soft water by refilling the ion exchange filter once it weakens in function over time and use.
Convenient One-stop Regeneration System.
Customers can regenerate the system simply using refined salt.
Luxury and simple design.
The style and familiar feeling of FOMYS' design will form a quality atmosphere in your bath.
Easy installation and operation
Easy connection and installation on suction stand (optional) or wallmount

Steps of nutrition provision of FOMYS

Removal of impurities through pretreatment filter and mineral provision of pie ceramic
Combination of soft water and Pi ceramic performance
Aroma moisturizing for hydrating and restoring skin
Showerhead's provides nutrition (Vitamin C, chitosan) to skin
Great water for health and beauty!

FOMYS One-Stop operating system

Making salty water
Fill 500g of refined salt(purity 99%, specific for this usage)by the line in the salt water container and pour the water by the 1.5ℓ line.


Place the salt water container and 30 minutes of wait.
Lie the showerhead down on the ground and check the salt well dissolved into the water.Then place the container into the hole on the top of the body. Chose the original water/play column and wait for 30 minutes.


Rinsing each column
After about 30 minutes when the salt water has almost gone down, remove the container. Then adjust to column 1 and let the water go down for about 1 minute.
And adjust to column 2 and do the water again