Judo Cleanable Protective Water Filters

A candle filter which is not regularly changed can become a hygiene problem in the domestic water installation. The solution: The JUDO anti-germ backwash protective filter range, silver line. The PROFI-PLUS protects efficiently and time savingly water pipes, fittings and connected devices – all coarse-grained and fine-grained impurities are retained. The cleaning of the filter is simple. Made to match the needs of a one - family to a multi - family houses.

The Advantages:

  • Hygienic:
    Prophylactic anti-germ protection by means of the patented silver coated stainless sieve.
  • Clean:
    Reliable protection against pollution load into the mains system.
  • Money-saving:
    No expensive filter cartridge replacement.
  • Time-saving:
    Very easy backwashing in a jiffy.
  • Highly efficient:
    Cleaning by means of the patented Point Rotation System without interruption of the water supply.
  • Intelligent:
    Memo-Electronic Backwashing Reminder
  • Safe:
    Tested in accordance with the DIN DVGW standards and fulfilling standard norms and regulations.
  • Prophylactic:
    Anti-germ Protection. Only JUDO has
    the silver sieve that has already become
    legal in Spain.
  • Made in Germany

Small Particles, Great Dangers:

Every year thousands of unprotected water pipes are destroyed. The reason for it are, among others, smallest particles of rust, sand and dirt, that enter unhindered into the private tube installations. JUDO technology creates optimal pipeline conditions, as required by the drinking water regulations.

Only JUDO has the Silver Sieve

The anti-germ backwash protective filter range is equipped with a silver-coated stainless steel sieve – an efficient hygiene barrier for prophylactic protection against germs. When flowing through, the water comes into contact with the antibacterial silver coating.

Only JUDO cleans point by point

Only the JPF Plus by JUDO cleans point by point with filtered water. Very efficient point by point sieve cleaning with the patented three point rotation system - has been tested hundred thousand times. Simultaneous suction with filtered water.